• Seattle First Baptist Church (map)
  • 1111 Harvard Ave
  • Seattle, WA 98102

Bobby Short was the quintessential nightclub entertainer, although when asked he always said he was nothing more than a “Saloon Signer”. Performing “in residence” at New York City’s Café Carlyle from 1968-2004, he took a hiatus from that prestigious room every year to bring his unique and versatile repertoire to audiences around the world. Seattle-based entertainer David Duvall and his jazz trio pay tribute to Bobby by sharing many of the rare songs (plus a few popular ones) that Short performed over his long career –which run the gamut of delightfully naughty to dryly witty to warmly romantic and genuinely deep. If you want to pretend you’re enjoying The High Life in New York City for an evening – or if you’re in search of some new-to-you, rarely heard, slightly obscene material and/or a ballad that is honest and not sappy,  this is a show you don’t want to miss!