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We've Got Magic to Do


We've Got Magic to Do

Dorothy's is grateful to our first guest blogger, Bobbi L'Huillier

Do you remember your first live performance? Maybe you saw a Broadway show, a touring company, a local amateur group. Or maybe you were in a restaurant or even in the street, stopping to watch as a performer belted out a song or went into their dance. Wherever and whatever it was, something caught your imagination—something kept you coming back for more.

In the audience or onstage, in a nightclub or a concert arena, nothing replaces the spontaneity or matches the energy generated among people gathered in one space, all participating in creating something greater than the sum of their individual parts. Anything can happen in those moments, no matter how prepared or scripted, oft-performed or frequently attended. It’s why your pulse quickens when the house lights dim and the orchestra—or the pianist—tunes up. Among the performers, musicians, crew, management, and audience, we create a kinetic energy that can’t live in any other environment. It’s magic in a world where not much magic survives.

I don’t know about you, but I need more magic in my life. That’s part of why Dorothy’s is so personally important to me—and why it’s critical to develop and sustain more places like Dorothy’s everywhere. Dorothy’s provides a nexus for the amateur and professional to meet, for the ingénue and the character actor to exchange ideas, for the audience to contribute to every performance in a way they never have before and never will again because each live performance is unique unto itself.

It’s a place where you can join the show at live karaoke accompanied by a supportive pianist instead of an unrelenting music track. It’s a place to improve your stage persona as you learn to read the room and roll with whatever comes your way, from technical breakdowns to musical missteps to navigating the high of giving the performance of your life. And it’s a place to celebrate seasoned performers for honing your craft while offering an innovative space to unearth new aspects of your talent, aspects only discoverable in real-time, facing a roomful of people. Dorothy’s provides a place for everyone to commune around creating art and so many other necessary intangibles that feed the soul.

So join us. Leave your phone on the table, the text unanswered, the game unplayed for a little while. Tap into the kinetic energy you can only find when you are fully present to witness and participate in making something that wasn’t there before. It changes you—it inspires you—it lifts you up and reconnects you.

Join us. Fight entropy. Fight passivity. Fight the death of small clubs and local creativity. Support the arts, local business, small business owners, live entertainment. Support dreams by being part of reality. Support connecting with people and reconnecting with what gives our community its resilient heart.

Join us and have some fun. Clap. Sing. Eat. Dance. Open up. Talk to people. Develop a renewed sense of community. Show off your talent. Show off your knowledge. Show you understand the value of venues that provide collaborative opportunities. Be seen. Be recognized. And be part of something larger than yourself, something positive, something that builds up instead of tearing down, creates instead of destroys, renews instead of ruins. Let Dorothy’s become a place you call home and a place you go home to.

Join us. We’ve got magic to do.

Bobbi L'Huillier

Bobbi L’Huillier is a content editor and instructional designer for a multinational e-learning business training company with a passion for language, communications, books, music, theater, and film. In connection with a national nonprofit organization, she and her husband also design and provide education and training about moral injury. A 40+-year connection to theater and performance informs and sustains her professional and creative pursuits.