We are always looking for more friends and would welcome donations to get Dorothy's open for the Seattle community.  Because we know we are asking for a lot, we have some great benefits to offer as rewards for your financial generosity.  Please check them out here.  Donations may be sent at anytime to us via PayPal at Dorothy@DorothysPiano.com.  Please help us build Dorothy's.

In the meantime, here are all of the great friends who have helped us so far, through their generous donations of time or advice.


Jerome Kele Acadimia

Nathan Adams

Janet Babcock

Mara & Marcus Bailey

Carol Barriger

Phyllis Becker

Ed & Kathy Bish

Angelina Borges

Maureen Brice

Teresa Bright

Lani Brockman

Jenny Buehler

business impact northwest

Kalynn Carroll-Gillis

Erica Carudo

Brad Cerenzia and Refugio Martinez

Dorrie Champlin

Roxanne Clark

B.C. Cliver

Kimberly Defenbaugh

Trista duval-wilkinson

Emily Evans and Kevin Wilson

Christine Falletti

Kim Ferse

Ana Smith figueroa

Leslie Foley

Lee and connie forsberg

William Gibson

Catherine Graham

Beth Guido

Bonnie Harper

Natasha Hays

Joe Hinchy

Darren Hochstedler and John Bumanglag

Loretta Deranleau-Howard

David-Edward Hughes

Meg Kennedy

john and judy kistner

Heather Koch

Kathleen Koch

Bobbi L'Huillier

Lisa Lance

Erica Larson

Sandra Lee

Tiare & Clayton Lee

John Lehrack

Lisa Lennox

Vern Lentz

Patrick Lucey-Conklin

Virginia Magboo

Brian Mark

tyler mayclin

Gabrielle Mehlman

Cindy Meyer-Tamayo

Pat Milman

Judy Ann Moulton

Kati Nagy

Susan Oppie

Chelsea Pedro

Mary Perkins

Karen Potter

Colin Price

Luana Rivera Palacio

Chris Rose

Tom Rose

Sue rudisill & Mike stapleton

St. Alban's Episcopal Church

Anita Schaeffer

Carol and Ron Sodetani

Kimberly Stinson-Serrano

Chip Taylor

Cory Thorell

Maarit Tiirikainen

mark waldstein

Heather Ward

Jeannie Wells

Justine Celeste Whyland

Cheryl White


Nancy Zabel

Those Who Are Anonymous