We are always looking for more friends and would welcome donations to get Dorothy's open for the Seattle community.  Because we know we are asking for a lot, we have some great benefits to offer as rewards for your financial generosity.  Please check them out here.  Donations may be sent at anytime to us via PayPal at Dorothy@DorothysPiano.com.  Please help us build Dorothy's.

In the meantime, here are all of the great friends who have helped us so far.


Jerome Kele Acadimia

Janet Babcock

Mara & Marcus Bailey

Ed & Kathy Bish

Angelina Borges

Maureen Brice

Lani Brockman

Kalynn Carroll-Gillis

Erica Carudo

Roxanne Clark

Kimberly Defenbaugh

Trista duval-wilkinson

Emily Evans and Kevin Wilson

Christine Falletti

Ana Smith figueroa

Catherine Graham

Beth Guido

Natasha Hays

Joe Hinchy

Darren Hochstedler and John Bumanglag

Loretta Deranleau-Howard

David-Edward Hughes

Meg Kennedy

Heather Koch

Kathleen Koch

Bobbi L'Huillier

Erica Larson

Sandra Lee

Tiare & Clayton Lee

John Lehrack

Lisa Lennox

Vern Lentz

Brian Mark

tyler mayclin

Gabrielle Mehlman

Cindy Meyer-Tamayo

Pat Milman

Judy Ann Moulton

Kati Nagy

Susan Oppie

Chelsea Pedro

Mary Perkins

Karen Potter

Colin Price

Luana Rivera Palacio

Chris Rose

Tom Rose

Sue rudisill & Mike stapleton

St. Alban's Episcopal Church

Anita Schaeffer

Kimberly Stinson-Serrano

Chip Taylor

Cory Thorell

Maarit Tiirikainen

mark waldstein

Heather Ward

Justine Celeste Whyland


Nancy Zabel

Those Who Are Anonymous